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How can we help you?

Here’s how we help the Medical and Scientific community in making things great with Research and Presentations

Conference Presentations & Posters

Researching the Topic of Interest, based on the objective of presentation and creating a table of contents, a structure that will keep the audience connected along with the references & binders.

Story Boarding & Instructional Design

Scientific writers along with Designers (Graphic and Instructional) build visual and content storyboard for an engaging and visually communicating story and presentation.

Editorial, Proofing, Referencing & Factchecks

We will get your presentation professionally ready with completed checks like Referencing, Editorial, Proofreading and Factchecked along with quality reports

Manuscript Kit

Convert your paper into a poster, Info-graphic, a slide deck, explainer animated video and host the videos on our YouTube channel.

Illustrations, Animation & Video Editing

Experienced in scientific Illustrations, Recreation of images and explain complex concepts in simple animations with Narration Voice overs or Music.

E- Learning Modules & LMS

Convert your valuable presentation into learning modules and transfer the skills and knowledge with all the integrated assessment elements.

Clinical Case Player

Build online Interactive clinical case templates for easy and step-wise consumption of medical knowledge, learning, developing treatment plans and application into real life patient scenarios.

Medical Games

Gamification of Complex Medical content and concepts, so that they are made exciting with a compelling story line that makes concepts easily understood.

MOA Videos

Bringing a mechanism of action (MOA) of Drug, Device or any complex concept to life through visual demonstration with a captivating story which gives long, enjoyable and understanding experience.

Online Accredited CMEs

Educational activities that serve to develop education, skills and earn credit points.

Symposium Packages

Get all the favourite Slides from your Conference that you missed on the cloud and discuss.


Store all your slides , Organize, Reuse, save your templates and images for future use.

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