About Us

Welcome to The Medical and Scientific Presentations Company

We are group of Medical / Scientific writers ( Medical Doctors, Science Grads & Phds) along with great design team ( Graphic, Digital & Instructional Designers)

Who Are We

We are A team Medical Doctors, Scientific Writers , Designers and Programmers.

Our Mission

Transform Medical and Scientific communications to Active, Engaging , Creative and Rewarding Experience   

What We Do

We Develop and Design Medical and Scientific Presentations.

Our History

SlideSciences started from an idea I had back in 2009 when we were running a Medical Communication agency. we were excited to see that businesses were asking for a more creative, Active and Engaging approach to Presentations and training material to inspire and engage their people.Over time we have developed a process around it so as to keep all the elements in place for great Presentation Experiance.

Our 6-D Process



We search and Research credible information from and reliable sources to make your presentation authentic.



We define what matters and important, keeping in mind from audiance point of view.



As more than 90% communication happens visually, Our Graphic and Instructional Designers along with Medical Writers create a compelling visual Story Board.



Before we submit your assest, we make sure it is throughly checked for all the quality indicators



Before we submit your assest, we make sure it is throughly checked for all the quality indicators



We Make sure Delivery is on time as promised

Why Choose Us?

Our Clients have always had the best reasons to choose us and Few among them are-

We have been doing presentations for last 12 years and during this period we have developed unique process with different phases in the lifecycle of presentations.

We understand the core grassroot objectives of the presentation and our team is aligned to this context through out.

We are always in a continuous learning and development of the skills required for a great presentations.

Our Milestones

Few of our milestones that we’re really proud of

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
Hours of Support
Team Support

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